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Kirtiaj Equipment established in 1983 is the most popular company manufacturing Papad making machines; we started with a simple motto: “simplification and mechanization of papad making process”. A huge amount of innovation went into our development process; there were many failed prototypes and even more broken gears.

After toiling hard and failing a hundred times, we at kirtiraj equipments found a solution by inventing a Papad making machine. Our first successful product was a huge hit in the market and we now have the biggest names in the industry as our clients. Although our first machine was a grand success, we under stood that innovation is a continuous process. With inputs from a client base spread all over the world in countries like USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, SRILANKA, KENYA, TANZANIA, NEPAL we knew about the changing needs of our customers .

our clients are our biggest strength and it was there positive publicity which has made us the most "popular company manufacturing (supplier or exporter) Papad making machines We have always kept up with the ever changing business environment which allowed us to continuously look for new opportunities to innovate. Keeping the needs of industry in mind, we have diversified into puri and roti making machines and our backward integration efforts have been successful and we also offer dough kneading machines.

Our diversified product range comes with a guarantee on quality and timely delivery of all orders. kirtiraj equipments product portfolio has been made keeping in mind the varied requirements of our customers.

Feel free to contact us for any specialized requirements or any product related enquiries .we believe in putting specialized efforts to deliver a product that is best suited for our customers requirements.

Get The Respective Machines For Your Papad Industry To Gain Huge Profit

Presently, every product making is based on machines. This is because a machine can produce more products at a time than manual systems. Previously, the products like papads were made in hand with the help of the sunrays. Now, as every procedure is dependent upon the machinery system the whole scenario has been changed in this way. We at Kritiraj Equipment here come out with exclusive things using which you can easily handle the procedure.

The Different Scenario Of The Present Time:

Previously the ingredients of the papads were mixed and made by using the hand with the help of the heat of sun. The drying procedure also was dependent upon the sunrays. But in the present scenario, papad making machine like the machines for pasting and mixing are available with the blow dryers, which can produce more papad at a time. Once, you come to us you can realize the real time benefits of your machines.

Type Of The Machines:

In this age of technology every time the improvement is happening with each step. That is why the papad making machines at Kritiraj Equipment are also appearing in several type like- Semi automaticpapad making machine and automatic papad making machine. The fully automatic papadmaking machine is a bit costly because it can produce more products with out any manual effort. Only the ingredients have to be put in the machine and then everything like mixing, grinding, shaping and drying of the papad will take place automatically. On the other hand, the semi automatic machines are a bit less costly because here some manual labour is needed. Therefore, if somebody fixes afully automatic machine he needs less labour charges cost and while for semi automatic machine more manpower is necessary.

The Availability Of The Papad Making Machines:

There are many papad making machine manufacturers in the market. But before purchasing any product from some manufacturers one should notice the following things-

  • If the manufacturer has any website, it should be followed properly to know about the customer reviews of the products by the company.
  • The market good will also makes a big matter. Apart from consulting only the website one should also verify the market opinion on the machines by that particular manufacturer.
  • One should employ some machine advisers to inspect the parts of the machines and the easiness of the using because the labours should be easy in working with the machines.
  • Above all, the biggest matter is the quote from the papad making machine suppliers. Who can deliver the same quality product in the lowest rate, that is manufacturer, with whom a deal can be made.

For further details, you can visit the website http://www.papadmakingmachine.com/ You can call them at 09824011873 or can drop an email at info@papadmakingmachine.com.

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  • - Jayesh Patel

    We'd Recommend Kirtiraj Papad Machine Because It Really User Friendly, Quality Materials And Good In Papad Productions

  • - Ramesh

    We have been doing business with Kirtiraj Papad Machine since 1991. During this time, Northwire has provided us with excellent customer service, timely and reliable information and quality products. They have met our expectations in regards to communication and quality. I do not hesitate to recommend Kirtiraj Papad Machine.

  • - Jignesh Patel

    Kirtiraj Papad Machine is an outstanding organization and one that has truly benefited our organization as well the Principals we serve. We appreciate the significant value that Kirtiraj Papad Machinehas created for all concerned.