About Us

Welcome To Kirtiraj Equipment

Inventors of Papad making machine

Kirtiaj Equipment established in 1983 is the most popular company manufacturing Papad making machines. Our clients include the biggest names in the food industry to the smallest manufacturer in remote villages.

We have a range so diverse that any need for capacity is met successfully. Our continuous effort to innovate helps Papad making industry in meeting demands of their customers, successfully, every time.

We have installed Papad machines all over India as well as in countries like USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, SRILANKA, KENYA, TANZANIA, NEPAL.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our passion for providing our clients with best possible options & our desire to see that they meet success.


  • Combine Machine(Flour Kneading Machine)
    Combine Machine(Flour Kneading Machine)
  • Papad Dough Mixing Machine
    Papad Dough Mixing Machine
  • Papad Sheet Making Machine
    Papad Sheet Making Machine
  • Electric Papad Drying Machine
    Electric Papad Drying Machine
  • Flour Kneading Machine
    Flour Kneading Machine
  • Roll Making Machine
    Roll Making Machine
  • Luva(LOI) Cutting Machine
    Luva(LOI) Cutting Machine